The idea of teeth whitening has taken off in the United States and around the world as people continue their quest to improve personal appearances. With the Zoom teeth whitening system dentists and other dental health professionals have taken the next step toward making teeth whitening a proven and effective process. Zoom combines the process of gel based teeth whitening procedures with the benefits of laser technology to achieve the desired shade of white teeth.

The Zoom process usually takes around 45 minutes and can improve the shade of your teeth by between 7 and 10 shades. Zoom provides an immediate effect for the appearance of your teeth that will last a long period of time and be very safe. The safety of the process is only outdone by its comfort as it happens while you sit back in a chair and watch television or listen to the radio!

Your dental health professional will begin by placing a device in your mouth that will cause it to remain open and available to the dentist’s work. With your teeth wide open and available the dentist will then apply the special gel that is designed to work directly with the Zoom laser light. The dentist will then recline your chair and place protective glasses over your eyes to shield you from the laser rays that could be harmful to your vision if exposed for long periods of time.

The Zoom system requires that your teeth be treated in three separate 15 minute intervals, a total of 45 minutes in all. Again, during this time you are left to be comfortable watching television or listening to music to help pass the time! After the 45 minute time period is over then your teeth will be much whiter, possibly even as white as they have the potential to be!

With Zoom teeth whitening your main concern is going to be your out-of-pocket expense. Unless you have a very generous dental insurance provider then the Zoom process could cost you around $500 to $2,500. However, the thing to keep in mind is that the Zoom process has become the most widely respected and consistently effective teeth whitening service on the market, so you truly get what you pay for!

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