Who is a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Most everyone in the world today is self-conscious about their personal appearance and one area of attention is dental care. One particularly easy procedure to improve the appearance of one’s teeth is teeth whitening, but who is a candidate for teeth whitening? Even though the teeth whitening procedure is generally very painless and easy, like any procedure, there are limits to who can benefit from it and overcome the risks involved in it.

?   If you are simply suffering from the ill-effects of tobacco use or the like then you may just need a professional cleaning. Some of these problems can be overcome by teeth whitening toothpaste or gel strips that are placed on the teeth for an extended period of time. Teeth whitening may be your goal, but not the right process to achieve the desired effect. ?   In some cases a cleaning or teeth whitening may not be an answer at all and the right answer may be dentures or veneers for the individual. In this case it is best to listen to a professional who has seen what works in certain situations instead of a unstable personal opinion. ?   To overcome browning or yellowing teeth it is usually best to bleach the teeth to achieve the desired whitening effect. However, some teeth may not respond well to bleaching and should be observed as so. ?   Some patients with tender gums and sensitive teeth may be best to avoid chemical whitening or bleaching procedures to keep from further damaging the teeth. Caps or crowns can also eliminate the possibility of a bleach or chemical based teeth whitening procedure.

While it is very important to consider the risks and rewards of teeth whitening it is even more vital that a individual know if they are qualified for the procedure. The risks and rewards are unimportant and immaterial to someone who can not have the procedure performed or won’t benefit in any way from it. Understanding what teeth whitening can do for you is vital to understanding if the process is worth it.

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