Whitening Strips and Gels

The emerging cosmetic procedure of teeth whitening has many different options and systems to create the individual’s desired level of whiteness. You can go to a dental health professional to have laser teeth whitening or a professional bleaching done or go the long term route of whitening toothpaste or mouthpiece trays. One of the more popular teeth whitening home remedies are that of whitening strips and gels that attack the teeth for long periods of time.

Teeth whitening strips are generally small, flexible strips that are coated on one side with a whitening bleach. The strips are applied, one to the upper teeth and one to the lower teeth, for around 30 minutes at a time twice a day. Some whitening strips will have a specific system for applying the strips based on the amount of concentration in the whitening bleach for the strip.

If a strip has a higher concentration of bleach then it will generally be worn for a shorter amount of time then a strip with a lower concentration of bleach. When the individual has achieved the whitening level he or she is happy with he or she may discontinue the process at any time. The benefit of strips over mouthpieces or trays is the comfort of strips that have a considerably less bulky size.

With a teeth whitening gel you are getting a more powerful whitening agent than you can find in most whitening toothpaste. With whitening toothpaste you are getting some chemicals that are designed to make teeth whiter. However, teeth whitening gels can sometimes contain a peroxide based formula that can add a little more punch to the whitening process without purchasing more equipment.

Teeth whitening strips and gels are good alternatives to actually going to a dentist and having laser teeth whitening if you are looking for a way to save some dollars. However, they will not provide the immediate and long lasting effect that you can expect to see from the laser teeth whitening process.

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