Tray Based Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a growing procedure in popular circles to help the appearance of one personally. Many people try to figure out the best way to go about whitening their teeth to make sure they get the most out of their experience. One way to whiten your teeth either in the dentist’s office or at home is buy purchasing a mouthpiece, or tray to apply to your teeth with whitening chemical inside.

The trays are usually a rubber or plastic based mouthpiece that is usually boiled and then placed in the mouth to allow it to form to the specific person’s mouth. After the mouthpiece cools and settles around the teeth it is ready for use by the patient. The whitening chemicals are then placed inside the mouthpiece and it is ready for the first application.

After the mouthpiece tray is prepared it is usually used for 30 minutes to an hour at a time to attack the teeth with strong whitening chemical. This process is usually repeated for anywhere from one week to one month or more until the desired whiteness is achieved. Sometimes even after the desired level of white is achieve it is recommended that the individual continue to use the whitening tray or mouthpiece at least once a month to maintain the white.

The trays may feel a bit more invasive than using whitening toothpaste or placing strips on your teeth, but they also are proven effective. The beauty of the trays is that they are used for only a short amount of time everyday and then they are eliminated from your day. No multiple brushings or strips on your teeth all day, just wear them for 30 minutes or so and your teeth whitening duties are done for the day.

Home teeth whitening trays certainly aren’t as effective or immediately visibly effective as laser teeth whitening or even traditional bleaching from a dentist’s office. Instead, teeth whitening trays are more along the line of you get what you pay for. You will eventually get the whiter teeth you were looking for; it just might take a while for it to show.

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