Preparing for Teeth Whitening

If you are considering teeth whitening you should follow a few steps to make sure the process is given the best opportunity for success. Some things can be done at home for personal improvement, but some are related to dental health history. Before teeth whitening is performed you should consider the following:

?   Before teeth whitening begins you should have all cavities treated. Untreated cavities can be irritated and aggravated by the chemicals used in teeth whitening. ?   Receding gums should be addressed before going through teeth whitening to ensure that roots are not exposed and harmed. ?   Crowns and veneers make teeth whitening an impossible task; if you have either then you cannot go through the process of teeth whitening.

After this dental health history is considered you are one step closer to beginning the process of teeth whitening. Next, you should consider a few steps to take care of at home before going to the dentist’s office or performing the teeth whitening at home. Here are a few things to consider:

?   Brushing regularly may seem to be a normal, everyday process, but it is ultra important to those considering teeth whitening. Brush after every meal and make sure to take your time! ?   Floss between your teeth at least twice a day, if not after every meal, to keep food from building up and exposing the roots. Receding gums are caused by the acids in foods that build up over time and brushing doesn’t get everything! ?   Use mouth wash to continue to fight bacteria and acids from building up and causing tooth decay or receding gums. This may seem like overkill, but the use of several anti-bacterial products can help the process of teeth whitening.

Don’t fear the stains on your teeth anymore and consider the benefits of teeth whitening. It doesn’t take much to do, though it does take the right steps after the actual process to continue to keep the teeth white. Just follow the steps above and your teeth whitening experience will be a great one!

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