Long Term Care for Teeth Whitening

When you have taken the time and money to make a difference to your personal appearance it would only make sense to take good care of your investment. If you bought a new care you would get a checkup for it regularly, right? The same is true of this investment, but how do you keep your teeth white. Obviously this was a problem the first time or you wouldn’t have spent the money to get your teeth whitened. So how do you keep your teeth white?

Don’t go too long after eating without washing your teeth or rinsing your mouth with some type of anti-bacterial or chemical intended to keep your teeth white. Most discolorations and stains of the teeth come from eating the wrong foods and drinking the wrong types of drinks. Its okay to drink these products or eat these foods, just don’t let them sit on your teeth for a good amount of time.

Keep toothpaste in your bathroom that specializes in some type of whitening, regardless of the concentration of the whitening chemical. By using this toothpaste you are keeping your teeth on the offensive against the staining and discoloring chemicals that reside in the foods and drinks you consume. Keep them clean and you will most assuredly keep them white!

If you can’t seem to get yourself away from drinks with a lot of caffeine or other discoloring chemicals then try to do so through a straw. The straw will get the beverage past your teeth so you don’t have to worry about the chemicals attacking your teeth. Also, certain types of lip stick or food dyes will cause the teeth to be stained or discolored, stay away from them the best you can.

Remember to think of your newly whitened teeth as an investment. How often do you like to pour money into something only to abuse it the next day. You don’t go buy a new car and then jump it off of a cliff or drive it for five years without an oil change, so why would you whiten your teeth and then not maintain them?

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