Laser Teeth Whitening

We all want to lose weight, get a tan, and have healthy looking whiter teeth, but do we all want to spend the amount of time it takes to do so? Not so much, we would much rather have somebody create or invent something to get the same result with our teeth without having to spend so much time doing so. Not only do we want it quick but we want it painless and hassle free, we don’t want anything to come in the way of our white teeth!

The most intriguing aspect of laser teeth whitening is that it doesn’t take hours upon hours and days upon days to see the desired effect. Your dental health professional will begin the laser teeth whitening process by cleaning the teeth in a more traditional manner. The dentist will remove plaque that gets in the way of the cleaning process before the laser comes into the procedure.

In the laser teeth whitening process a dental health professional will apply a whitening gel to the teeth just before placing the patient under a laser designed to facilitate the process. The laser in the teeth whitening process speeds up the procedure by activating the gel that has been placed on the teeth. Sometimes the gel and laser must be repeated in several sessions to overcome the amount of staining and discoloration on the teeth.

The cost of laser teeth whitening is significantly higher than purchasing a home teeth whitening kit from the local drug or grocery store. Home teeth whitening kits can cost anywhere from a few dollars for a good whitening toothpaste to just under $100 for the more sophisticated gel or molding based whitening kits. Laser teeth whitening can cost between $500 and $1,000 depending on the dentist and the extra benefits he/she will provide.

With laser teeth whitening you may be a little bit lighter in the pocketbook, but you will have a better smile, sometimes in as little as one afternoon! So for every individual the choice is to decide what is more important to you, a quick and white smile or saving a few bucks and hoping for the best. Laser teeth whitening may be expensive, but it certainly can produce results.

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