Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

The concept of teeth whitening and home teeth whitening was first introduced around 1989, giving the medical and consumer health awareness communities plenty of time to judge its effectiveness and safety. In general, the teeth whitening process has been given a good report in reference to both safety and effectiveness. However, what do you need to consider when you are looking at the safety of teeth whitening? Here are a few things to consider:

>   Some concern has been shown in the medical community and consumer community at large about the risk of bleaching teeth whitening agents causing cancer. However, studies have shown that the concentration of carbamide peroxide in teeth whitening does not cause any cancer in mouth tissue or gums. In fact, there is an agent in saliva that seems to offset the amount of peroxide given off by the teeth whitening agents. >   Concern and attention has also been given to the fear of bleaching agents causing a tooth’s enamel to wear off or be damaged. As a matter of study the medical experts actually say that more damage is done to a tooth’s enamel by soft drinks or fruit juices than tooth whitening bleach. >   The topic of nerve endings being affected by teeth whitening is still in its early stages since this can be studied only in longer intervals like 5 to 8 years after the teeth whitening procedure. In spite of this hurdle there is still little damage being shown to teeth that have undergone whitening and been in for a 5 to 8 year checkup after the process. >   While it isn’t possible to have teeth whitening done if you have caps or crowns on your teeth it is possible to undergo the procedure if you have simply had fillings or root canal type procedures. So far the dental histories have not shown any problems from this procedure, but studies are still in the early stages.

While the above mentioned studies are true and accurate it is still best to consult with your dental health professional to determine your best course of action. Every person’s dental history is different, meaning just because studies have supported teeth whitening in certain situations it could still be risky for you!

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