When the idea of straightening one’s teeth comes up it is generally thought of as a long and drawn out process of unsightly metal braces and rubber bands. However, there is an alternative with Invisalign’s custom molded braces that are invisible to the naked eye. The moldings are more friendly than braces in that you can take them off when brushing or eating and little upkeep is needed other than going in once every two weeks to remold and apply the moldings again to gradually straighten the teeth.

Every individual will have a different process that treats their teeth in the correct manner to achieve straightening. Some will need to see their dentist every six to eight weeks to alter the moldings while others may need to go in every other week. The point being that compared to traditional teeth straightening methods like braces the Invisalign process is much less invasive.

Usually the Invisalign process takes a little over a year in all and won’t alter your appearance over all during the year. Nobody will notice and it won’t affect your speech like some retainers and braces in the traditional process do! They are extremely comfortable to wear and remove to floss, brush or eat. Invisalign is specifically designed to achieve the goal of braces without the hassles and negatives of the traditional process.

While some dental conditions will not be fixed by Invisalign, it does promise to fix the most common problems such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites. The best way to determine if you can be helped by Invisalign is to visit your dental professional and see if your problem can be overcome by this very non-invasive procedure. When consulting your dental health professional you can also ask for a recommendation for an Invisalign practitioner and then go in for your moldings.

The process begins relatively quickly after visiting the Invisalign professional as they will simply take a molding of the teeth and prepare the moldings. The next visit you will receive and begin to use the moldings yourself. Before you know it you will have whiter and straighter teeth!

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