Insurance and Teeth Whitening

Even though it is proven that personal appearance means a lot when it comes to getting a job and getting to the level of personal success that one thrives to achieve, it generally does not fall under insurance coverage. The reason is the same reason that you must undergo several evaluations before insurance will cover the cost of braces. Insurance generally does not cover anything that is deemed simply “cosmetic”.

Cosmetic surgery is generally anything that is done to any part of your body that is only done for one’s personal appearance. For instance, if someone has crooked teeth that are not causing an extreme amount of pain or may cause discomfort or ill health in the future, they probably won’t be covered by insurance. If it is just done to make the teeth straight to correct a personal self-esteem issue it is not enough for your insurance to step up and foot the bill.

Generally, teeth whitening is not something that will correct a considerable amount of pain or discomfort; it is just done so the individual can improve their appearance. Unless the chemicals that are causing the teeth to be discolored or stained are potentially rotting or falling apart then insurance will not cover the expense.

If you want to clean your teeth to get a solid white look, but are feeling a considerable amount of pain then the best thing to do is to see a dentist. The reason you should see a dentist is because they are trained and educated on what to look for in causes for stains and discomfort in teeth. If they see what they are looking for and can determine that the chemicals on your teeth could be causing pain then they could recommend insurance coverage.

Again, with insurance coverage it is difficult to be covered under a procedure that is deemed mainly “cosmetic”. If insurance companies covered cosmetic surgeries then they would likely have to raise premiums even more than they are now because of the increased interest in cosmetic surgeries. By making only “necessary” surgeries possible for insurance coverage insurance companies insure that those in pain are taken care of.

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