Dentist’s Office Teeth Whitening

You can spend dollars and vast amounts of time at the grocery store buying everything you need to whiten your teeth or you can go the simple route and see your dentist. The store bought teeth whitening systems can whiten your teeth in time and be very inexpensive, but the dentist spends his life on this, why not trust him? Aside from it being his job, he can make it a much easier and less invasive process to boot.

Some dentists can perform teeth whitening with strong gel applicators and a powerful laser whitening tool. The dentist will usually perform a professional cleaning and then apply the gel that begins working at the teeth with strong whitening chemicals. After the gel is applied the dentist will place the patient under a laser that speeds up and facilitates the process.

Most of the time the dentists will use a Zoom laser whitening system that can make an immediate result visible within one single hour! Even better is that when you are under the laser you can be listening to music or watching television, it doesn’t even seem like a dental procedure is underway. After the laser teeth whitening procedure is done you will have whiter teeth for over a year.

Another benefit of going to a dentist for your teeth whitening is that they are trained to notice the differences in every patient’s teeth shade. Every person has a different shade that requires different treatment so they can use a different system to whiten the teeth. No sense wasting time trying gel after gel and toothpaste after toothpaste to achieve whiter teeth when you can have a dentist do it in one day.

Finally, a dentist can tell you how to maintain the white shade that you get from the process. Even though you are spending a decent amount of money on the process at a dentist’s office, you are getting the expertise that goes along with it. Don’t simply spend upwards of $1,000 or $2,000 on a teeth whitening for just one visit soon to be followed by another, get their knowledge and expertise along with it!

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