Brite Smile

If you are looking to whiten your teeth but are unable to have the patience to use the whiteners for weeks at a time, you need to look into Brite Smile. The Brite Smile whitening process allows for much whiter teeth in just one hour’s time. Just one visit and one hour after arriving your teeth will be much whiter for years with a guarantee of a better smile given by several dental health professionals.

The Brite Smile experience is one that will allow you to achieve a better overall dental appearance without taking the hours it normally takes. The patient is seated and has gel applied to his/her teeth before the seat is reclined and placed beneath a patented blue light system. The light is left on for twenty minutes at a time while the patient is allowed to read, watch television, or listen to music.

This process is repeated three times in one visit to achieve the best possible whitening effect on the patient’s teeth. The other teeth whitening processes can take anywhere from one to three days or an entire month to achieve their desired whiteness. Not to mention the repeated applications with uncomfortable, to say the least, products that will leave your teeth uncomfortable and sometimes even messy.

The whitening shades can be improved by over ten with Brite Smile’s patented system while most other processes can offer only seven or eight shades at best. If you use toothpaste to achieve your teeth whitening desires then stopping the use of that toothpaste will stop the effect. At home trays and gel strips are undesirable to say the least, but Brite Smile gives you a comfortable feel in a quick process.

The best part of the Brite Smile process is that after using the at home applicators you are left to your own devices. How do you maintain the look? What is best to do to keep from losing the desired effect of the teeth whitening? Brite Smile’s process gives you particular steps to follow to keep your teeth white! No more guessing, just give it a try!

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