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The process of teeth whitening is extremely difficult in many areas, such as making the dental appointments that are difficult to work into your schedule with work or school, etc. With Brighter Image you get an inexpensive answer to this problem by setting up your teeth whitening experience online and getting the products directly from the lab. By making the teeth whitening products available to the general public directly online Brighter Image has opened the doors for so many people who could benefit from teeth whitening.

For as little as $99 you can begin the process of teeth whitening from your home with a proven and exciting product direct from the lab. Brighter Image specializes in the competitive teeth whitening that are used by superstars, politicians, and other celebrities worldwide so you get the best possible result for the product you purchased. But how does Brighter Image make their teeth whitening system work?

Brighter Image teeth whitening systems use a bleaching gel that is created from carbamide peroxide that breaks down the stains on the individual’s teeth. The structure of the teeth is unaffected by the teeth whitening process, but an individual with previous dental work like caps or crowns still won’t see any benefit from bleach based whitening processes.

Less than 5% of people who use the Brighter Image teeth whitening plan do not see some level of whitening to their teeth. If you use the Brighter Image teeth whitening system and don’t see any type of teeth whitening progress then you should consider an alternative teeth whitening system. Full cure bleaching could be the answer for someone who doesn’t see the desired effect from a more economical teeth whitening procedure.

It is easy to get started with the Brighter Image teeth whitening system as you simply order the molding kit and then mail it back in a prepaid envelope. The moldings are then made in the lab and sent back within 24 hours so the individual can begin the whitening process right away. The moldings will be used for 15 minutes to one hour at a time for as many days as it takes to achieve the desired shade of whiteness.

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